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How to apply for a job in Australia from overseas

I am always excited when I hear that people are planning their job search BEFORE they arrive in Australia. This is one of the most critical steps to early job hunting success. Read more >>


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Small company v large corporation

From my own experience, working for large or small companies both have their own advantages. Just pick what's right for you. Read more >>

Answering job interview questions in Australia if you are a newcomer, migrant or expatriate

What is said and what is heard in a job interview may be worlds apart, particularly for newcomers trying to find a new job in a new country. Read more >>

Dressing for success – Does the color of your clothing really make a difference?

The colors you decide to wear in an interview can actually make a difference. In the competitive world we live in you need to ensure that you take every advantage you possibly can. Read more >>

Instant Resume Killers

Making mistakes can get your resume tossed in just a matter of seconds. When an employer is faced with a high number of applications, he or she will try to narrow this list down quickly. Read more >>

Career Advisor Profile – Jenni Proctor

"I believe that growing older is inevitable but growing old in your attitudes is not an option" Read more >>

Career Advisor Profile – Dale Simpson

"Keep your curiosity alive, ask questions, seek information and get advice from people." Read more >>

Understanding the hidden meanings in Australian Job Advertisements

Finding work in Australia can be a complex task if you are not aware of the meaning of certain phrases used in job advertisements. When it comes to looking for your next job you need to be able to interpret what is being implied. Read more >>

Career Advisor Profile – Katie Roberts

Think about what's most important to you in a job. If your values are not aligned to your job, it's time to consider a career change. Read more >>

Resumes and Curriculum Vitaes – Australian tips and suggestions

This article discuss some of the options and choices you have for creating a successful resume for your job hunting inAustralia. Read more >>

I can’t get a job interview!

Your resume is your selling tool. In the current job market you need to go the extra length to get an interview. Find out about the 15 reasons why you may be missing out on getting that interview. Read more >>

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