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Small company v large corporation

From my own experience, working for large or small companies both have their own advantages. Just pick what's right for you. Read more >>

Published May 12, 2011 in CVs & Resumes by Gavin Redelman

Instant Resume Killers

Making mistakes can get your resume tossed in just a matter of seconds. When an employer is faced with a high number of applications, he or she will try to narrow this list down quickly. Read more >>

Published Dec 14, 2010 in CVs & Resumes by Gavin Redelman

I can’t get a job interview!

Your resume is your selling tool. In the current job market you need to go the extra length to get an interview. Find out about the 15 reasons why you may be missing out on getting that interview. Read more >>

Published Nov 10, 2010 in CVs & Resumes by Gavin Redelman

What makes a good resume?

With any resume, there is no set rules or guidelines to follow. This article covers key questions such as whether there is a certain way to write a resume and the importance of cover letters. Read more >>

Published Nov 9, 2010 in CVs & Resumes by Gavin Redelman

Top 10 Resume Mistakes

My philosophy is simple: Stick to the facts. If in doubt, leave it out! Read more >>

Published Nov 3, 2010 in CVs & Resumes by Gavin Redelman

Ten Things Recruiters Hate about your CV

Every day recruiters are receiving hundreds of CV’s and resumes from job applicants. Though there is no perfect recipe, here are ten things that recruiters hate about your CV. Read more >>

Published Oct 26, 2010 in CVs & Resumes by Charles van Heerden

Interview Tips – The five things you need to take with you to the interview

Every interview requires good preparation. The more prepared you are, the more confident and relaxed will you be. This update covers the five things you need to take to any job interview. Read more >>

Published Oct 20, 2010 in Interview Tips by Charles van Heerden

When is the best time to call the recruiter?

Part of job search includes connecting with recruiters to discuss a specific role or to arrange a meeting. Recruiters spend most of their day interviewing applicants, so it is often difficult to get hold of them. So when is the best time to call them? Read more >>

Published Oct 18, 2010 in Job Search by Charles van Heerden

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