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Small company v large corporation

From my own experience, working for large or small companies both have their own advantages. Just pick what's right for you. Read more >>

Published May 12, 2011 in CVs & Resumes by Gavin Redelman

Instant Resume Killers

Making mistakes can get your resume tossed in just a matter of seconds. When an employer is faced with a high number of applications, he or she will try to narrow this list down quickly. Read more >>

Published Dec 14, 2010 in CVs & Resumes by Gavin Redelman

When is the best time to call the recruiter?

Part of job search includes connecting with recruiters to discuss a specific role or to arrange a meeting. Recruiters spend most of their day interviewing applicants, so it is often difficult to get hold of them. So when is the best time to call them? Read more >>

Published Oct 18, 2010 in Job Search by Charles van Heerden

Can you do what you have said you have done in your CV?

Starting the interview on a positive note is very important, as it is the foundation for the rest of the interview. There are a number of pitfalls to avoid as well as three simple steps to start off strongly. Read more >>

Published Oct 13, 2010 in Interview Tips by Charles van Heerden

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