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How to apply for a job in Australia from overseas

I am always excited when I hear that people are planning their job search BEFORE they arrive in Australia. This is one of the most critical steps to early job hunting success. Read more >>

Published May 12, 2011 in Work in Australia by Sue Ellson

How the world of work is changing

The world of working is changing constantly, with new careers and interesting opportunities becoming available. We are experiencing big trends and research indicates three important things we want as part of a better job. Read more >>

Published Oct 24, 2010 in Job Search by Charles van Heerden

Why Reference Checks are important

Most reference checks are the outcome of a telephone conversation by a recruiter, usually after interviews have been completed. This update provides three ways to maximise your opportunities. Read more >>

Published Oct 20, 2010 in Job Search by Charles van Heerden

The three most important things to do in any job interview

The most critical stage in any career change or job search process is the recruitment interview. The recruiting manager needs to decide if the applicant is the right person to employ by looking for answers to three key questions. Read more >>

Published Oct 11, 2010 in Interview Tips by Charles van Heerden

Understand your personal strengths

Understand your personal strengths and what you bring to your next employer, to enhance your job search process. Read more >>

Published Mar 9, 2010 in Job Search by Charles van Heerden

Know your destination and find your next role

You need a clear picture of your next role. Read more >>

Published Mar 1, 2010 in Job Search by Charles van Heerden

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