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Career Advisor Profile - Fay Libman

Career Advisor Profile - Fay Libman

How long have you been providing career advice?

I’ve been involved in different aspects of employment services for over 20 years now. My business, Flair Careers strives to discover that “special flair” in everyone.  So, whether I’m working in recruitment or career development, I like to build people up by giving them the confidence to believe in themselves.  Irrespective of which stage of the employment lifecycle I happen to be working in, the motivation is always the same - to help people be the best they can possibly be. 

Why are you are a professional member of the CDAA and what are the benefits?

I’m proud to be associated with the CDAA (Career Development Association of Australia). As a Professional member, my clients can be assured that I have the credibility, integrity and professionalism to work as an accredited and qualified Career Development Practitioner. I especially enjoy attending conferences and workshops where world-class leaders deliver the very latest on emerging trends. Then I get to incorporate this cutting edge information into my own practice so my clients always benefit from the most current thinking in the area of career development.

Why did you decide to become a career development practitioner?

I love helping people, watching them grow and develop. More than anything else, I enjoy sharing the joy that comes from being a witness to dreams coming true.

What sets you apart from other career advisors?

The fact that I’m a qualified and experienced recruitment consultant as well as a career development practitioner allows me to bring that little bit “extra” to the table.  As a recruiter I have a better idea of labour market and employment conditions. This allows me to see things from a unique perspective whilst adding that extra dimension to the recruitment and career development process.  I have extra information that career development people may not have and I have extra information that recruitment people may not have.  I think this gives me a distinct advantage.

What is your approach to career development?

Assume nothing!   Listen carefully.  Ask the right questions.   Then work with the client to design the best and most logical plan of action.     

What single event had the most impact on your career?

The 1989-96 “Recession that we had to have” changed my life. We had two young kids, a huge mortgage with a 19% interest rate and were under threat of losing the family home!  I very quickly needed to find work that I enjoyed, was good at, gave me the opportunity to learn, grow and develop and the flexibility to take care of my young family. I took the punt and started my own business.  I’ve never looked back. 

How do you stay up to date with new trends?

By attending as many CDAA and RCSA Conferences, Workshops, Webinars, Local Networking events as I can possibly fit in. I also love to read industry specific professional magazines and journals. I’m currently enrolled at Edith Cowan University where I’m working towards a Masters in Career Development. Nothing sharpens the brain as much as tertiary studies. It’s really quite a challenge.

What trend do you think will have most impact on your work in the future?

Definitely the Internet - everyone now has access to the same quality information, knowledge and resources.  This means recruitment and career development service providers all operate on the same level playing field delivering similar quality professional services. The point of difference is no longer about “intellectual property” (because everyone has something very similar to offer), but rather how far each business is prepared to “go the extra mile” to deliver an authentic, empowering and memorable experience for the client. I believe this “trend” can only have a positive influence on the type of future work that Flair Careers will be involved in.

What GPS Career tools do you find most beneficial?

The Career GPS has been very well researched and put together. It’s a smart, highly professional, web-based tool that is jam-packed full of valuable content.  All modules are thought-provoking and form a terrific starting-point for anyone requiring help with career development. The results can be printed out, reviewed, analysed and discussed further with a career development professional who will continue to add value by helping to personalise the process with the best possible action plan to suit the clients specific needs.

Are you starting to see more people thinking of making a career change?

It’s only human nature to think the grass is greener on the other side so people will always look to make a career change - irrespective of the economic climate. 

What advice would you offer someone that is stuck in their career?

Seek out the services of a professional career development practitioner who can guide and assist you in this very important process of deciding “where to next?”.  This is a tough decision and you don’t have to do it alone.

 What career advice would you offer to job seekers not to do?

The job of finding a job is probably the hardest job in the world. To complicate matters, it’s probably tougher today than ever before because there are more people and less jobs to go around.  Managers tend to drag their feet and delay hiring decisions. The whole process can be so demoralising. To help you cope better, I recommend you engage the services of a professional career development practitioner to help you along your journey. 

If you had to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t do anything differently! The challenges I’ve had to face have made me stronger and shaped me into the person I am today. 

What are your personal career goals?

To continue to draw on my unique background and experience in recruitment and career development to help people succeed at all stages of the employment life cycle.

Anything else you would like to share?

Don’t get despondent!  With the help of a professional career development practitioner to help you “see the light” you will get to where you want to be.


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