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Career Transition, by Jak Wonderly

It had seemed like an ordinary January day until I answered the phone and heard James, a director at the ad agency, say, “We lost the account. I guess we won’t be working together anymore—good luck.” My throat dropped into my stomach as I hung up... Read more »


Bill In Bloom, by Monique Cocca

I used to know this guy. He had one of those unisex names, like Taylor, or Regan, or Alex. His name was Bill. Bill had large, strong hands, hands that looked like they could row a boat or shear a sheep... Read more »

How I Discovered The Purpose Of Condoms, by Barbara Fraser

The Advertisement in our November 1954 local paper read: – Girl wanted to help with breakfast and light housework in Boarding House: 7 days, 7 am till noon... Read more »

Meant To Be, by Andrea Simmons

It was a numbingly hot, smoggy August day in 1978. Talk radio droned in the background. The air-conditioner was out in my butterscotch colored brown trim Buick Rivera... Read more »

Drawn To A New Career

As I finished the last flourish with the coloured whiteboard marker my mind was taken back to an earlier time when things seemed easier and less complex... Read more »

How An Elephant Taught Me To Write, by Mike Hannan

In late 2007 I boarded a plane in Brisbane Australia together with my wife Jo. We were heading for an overseas adventure but unlike most other middle aged passengers, we had no return tickets and only a vague idea where were going... Read more »

The Making Of A Dentist: A Story Of Love And Teeth, by Anije Seewer Reynolds

When I’m asked what it's like to be married to a dentist, my first response is glib: I get razzed for being the only parent who sends their kid to a sleepover without a toothbrush... Read more »

From Career Track To Mommy Track To My Track, by Francine Garson

You can structure your own work schedule. We’re a very relaxed office. If you need time off for family responsibilities, it won’t be a problem. That’s what I was told... Read more »

Baskets Of Fruit, by Allie Wnuk

Am I a phoney? “So young Floyd, how’ve you found your first year as a Graduate?” “Great, it’s been just... great.” Yep, sure am. A phoney baloney phoney... Read more »

Looking For A Job, Finding Yourself, by Maxine Flowers

College graduation came and went in a flurry of caps, gowns, hugs, and photographs. Once the pomp and circumstance died down, I was a bartender with a BA in Sociology... Read more »

Career Change, by Trish Renard

I started my job with an air of excitement. It was a secretarial position at a prestigious law firm paying about 10 dollars an hour, with 15 dollars an hour for overtime... Read more »

The Corporate Playground, by Jessica Nicole Long

Why are there not seminars to prepare for the sheer overwhelming possibilities of life? As a young adult, scared and uncertain about life, people expected me to have life figured out... Read more »

Work Life, by Lillian Liu

There are stories of women transitioning back to the workforce after having children. Here is a story of re-entering the corporate workforce and transitioning out of it again... Read more »

A Red Shoe Day, by Angie Reedy

I reached high into the back of my closet. Hoping the teetering stool would not collapse to the ground, I opened several boxes before I found the confidence I needed to help me do what I needed to do that day... Read more »

Against The Grain, by Devyani Borade

Retirement hits some people hard. And when my father retired, no one was harder hit than my mother and us two sisters... Read more »

Against The Wind, by Patricia Wenger

"Who are you trying to fool?" I asked myself while sitting behind my new mahogany desk in a high back swivel chair... Read more »

Burning Bridges For Bigger Boats, by Samantha Windler

Samara had never been one to make sudden changes. Surprises scared her; routine soothed her... Read more »

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