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Small company v large corporation

From my own experience, working for large or small companies both have their own advantages. Just pick what's right for you. Read more »


Instant Resume Killers

Making mistakes can get your resume tossed in just a matter of seconds. When an employer is faced with a high number of applications, he or she will try to narrow this list down quickly. Read more »

I can’t get a job interview!

Your resume is your selling tool. In the current job market you need to go the extra length to get an interview. Find out about the 15 reasons why you may be missing out on getting that interview. Read more »

What makes a good resume?

With any resume, there is no set rules or guidelines to follow. This article covers key questions such as whether there is a certain way to write a resume and the importance of cover letters. Read more »

Top 10 Resume Mistakes

My philosophy is simple: Stick to the facts. If in doubt, leave it out! Read more »

Ten Things Recruiters Hate about your CV

Every day recruiters are receiving hundreds of CV’s and resumes from job applicants. Though there is no perfect recipe, here are ten things that recruiters hate about your CV. Read more »

Chronological resume guide - part 3

Part 3. How should I arrange my employment history? Follow these 5 simple steps to create your best chronological resume yet! Read more »

Chronological resume guide - part 2

Part 2. Should I be using a chronological style for my resume? What information should I include? How should I order it? Read more »

Functional and combination resume guide - part 2

Part 2. How set out your information in a functional or combination resume style, complete with examples and tips! Read more »

Think like a hiring manager

Part 1. Putting yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager can help you decide what information to include in your resume, and what to leave out. Read more »

Essential resume tips

How does your resume measure up against these timeless principles? Does your resume make you stand out from the competition? Does it clearly show why you deserve to be interviewed for the job? Does it achieve these goals in less than 20 seconds? Read more »

Optional resume information

You've worked hard to create a high-impact resume. Don't dilute it with irrelevant information. Read more »

Functional and combination resume guide

What is a functional resume? What is a combination resume? When should I use these resume styles? Learn all this and more in this guide! Read more »

Think like a hiring manager - part 2

Part 2. Learn how to signal to the Hiring Manager that YOU are the right candidate for the job! Read more »

Resume formatting tips

Learn all about correct resume formatting, presentation and language here! Use this handy reference guide to make sure your resume looks perfect! Read more »

Clean up your resume!

You've worked hard to create a high-impact resume. Don't dilute it with irrelevant information. Here are some items best left out of your resume, or included with care. Read more »

How to write a great resume profile

A vibrant and well written Profile statement can make your resume come alive. Learn everything you need to write an outstanding Profile statement of your own! Read more »

Essential information for your resume

No matter what resume style or layout you choose, you need to put this information your resume! Learn about what to include and how to structure it for maximum impact! Read more »

Chronological resume guide

All about the chronological resume style. What to include, when to use it, and how to create an outstanding chronological resume of your own. Read more »

CV or resume?

Speaking strictly, a resume is not a CV. In many parts of the world these terms are used interchangeably, whereas in others like the United States, the terms have specific meanings; you wouldn't normally send your CV to apply for a job in the US! Read more »

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