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Chronological resume guide - part 2

Part 2. Should I be using a chronological style for my resume? What information should I include? How should I order it?

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Is the chronological resume style right for me?


If you're unsure, try this simple exercise.

Prepare your work history and achievements in chronological order, separate from any other information such as a Profile statement or cover letter. Consider this information from the perspective of your target hiring manager, in the context of your job application.

Does your work history immediately communicate how and why you are suited to your target role? If not then an alternate resume format might be more appropriate. Remember, the reader should immediately understand how and why you fit the requirements of the role.

Click here to learn more about the alternative functional resume style and the combination resume style.

Sections in a chronological resume


Group and order your information in the following way:

  • Contact details - your identifying information
  • Key achievements - optional. A summary of your most outstanding achievements that are relevant to your target role
  • Employment history - the core of your resume. See below for detailed instructions on how to prepare this section
  • Education - qualifications and training relevant to your target role
  • References - a short note saying 'available upon request'

To learn how to prepare the contact details, profile statement, education and references sections of your resume, click here to view essential resume information.

To learn about how to present your key achievements as well as guidance on what not to include in your resume, click here to view optional resume information.

Example employment history layout

The heart of the chronological resume is the 'employment history' section.


Example employment history layout

Click to view a complete sample chronological resume

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