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Essential information for your resume

Make sure you've included this essential information in your resume!

Essential information

  • Contact details
  • Profile
  • Education
  • References

Contact details

State your contact details clearly at the beginning of your resume. Include your name, address, phone numbers, email address and any other significant identifying information such as the online address of your work portfolio.


Example contact details

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Also known as 'accomplishment summary', 'professional profile', 'summary profile'.

Your Profile statement is a snapshot of your most marketable attributes relevant to your target role. Consider it the executive summary of your resume. A well written Profile is designed to engage the reader's attention and give them a reason to keep reading. Be concise to capture the essence of your resume and objective in no more than 10 lines, and create a strong, positive impression by using active language. Avoid irrelevant buzzwords and cliches and keep your tone professional and enthusiastic.


Example profile statement

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Click to read the full guide and learn how to write a fantastic resume profile statement!


Include education relevant to your target position. Omit certificates, short courses, other 'non-core' and partially completed qualifications if they do not relate to your application. If applying for a position as a financial analyst and have 10 years work experience, the 'responsible liquor service' qualification you received while bartending at College can be safely left out of your resume.

Include the name of your school or college, any majors and minors studied, awards received, relevant extracurricular activities you undertook (especially for recent graduates, in lieu of actual work experience), and years of attendance.

Note to graduates: employers will often use your GPA or overall educational score as a measure of your ability and intelligence in the absence of any substantive work experience or achievement history. If you include this score, then choose the one that looks the best on paper. Follow your Profile statement with the Education section, if you cannot demonstrate any significant, relevant work experience.


Example education details

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It is customary to include a section containing details about who your referees are and how they can be contacted.

It is very common to include a heading for this section and to only include the words 'available upon request'.

This is to make sure that your referees aren't bothered unnecessarily by a recruiter looking to spruik for business, or any other nosy party that obtains your resume and wants to investigate you without your knowledge.

Send the name, phone number and email address of each referee in an email or attachment to an email when asked by the recruiting or hiring manager. This will give you the opportunity to brief each of your referees on the opportunity you are seeking, and to let them know to expect a call.


Example references details

Created with the WorkLifeGroup CV Manager

To learn about how to present your key achievements as well as guidance on what not to include in your resume, click to learn all about optional resume information.

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