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Think like a hiring manager - part 2

Part 2. Learn how to signal to the hiring manager that YOU are the right candidate for the job!

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Will you add value?

How likely are you, based on your experience, achievements and other factors, to contribute positively to the organisation? How does your resume signal this?

Here are a few ways you can show the reader you will add value:

  • Signal that you've taken time and care to understand your target role by arranging your achievements and experience to correspond with the areas of achievement and experience sought by the employer.
  • Set out your information clearly, be concise in your expression and ensure your resume is free of mistakes.
  • Structure your resume to reflect your most positive aspects. If you boast a smooth and definite career progression, then draw attention to it by choosing an appropriate resume format such as a chronological resume. This may help to highlight your positve attributes such as employer loyalty.

Will you destroy value?

An employer might interpret these signs as evidence that you will destroy value:

  • You a serial job hopper and a flight risk (meaning you might leave soon after being hired) or are not loyal to your employer
  • You are changing careers so your experience, skills or qualifications are not an exact match with those sought in the desired applicant
  • You will require extensive training, mentoring, monitoring or other investment to ensure you perform in the role, especially when compared with competing applicants
  • You are exploring a new career, which you may later discover does not suit you and hence leave the organisation.

Does your resume send any messages that you might destroy value? If so, you'll want to use the appropriate resume format to ensure any negative messages are kept to a minimum.

Remember, it is not just the content of your resume, but how you highlight aspects of that content while downplaying less attractive aspects, that influences how you are perceived.

Will I regret hiring you?

If for any reason you are hired and then leave the organisation within 6 to 12 months, it will reflect poorly on the hiring manager, so understand that it's not just your own success at stake here. The hiring manager will be taking each hire personally (at least in some small way), so work to ensure that you don't set any alarm bells ringing, especially when all you are to that person is a faceless resume.

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