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2010's Next top role model, 5-part series

2010's Next top role model, 5-part series

Role models have their uses. They are like an invisible hand that silently and subtly guides our everyday moves. Find out who is leading the way as 2010’s next top role models.

Asking yourself, ‘What do I want to do with my life?’ is best answered by stepping back to examine the people you admire, respect and unknowingly emulate. 

In this series of posts, we examine the myriad careers of well-known and little-known heroes of our day. They range from economist-musicians and banker-activists to technology-entrepreneur-DJ's.

What the lives of these role models demonstrate is that career transition is possible at any stage or any age in life, and that a single decision can sweep you away on thrilling, unforeseeable career experiences.


Politicians & Leaders

Our first post looks at the movers and shakers on the global stage.

Discover why the President of Iceland is changing the way nations are powered, and how an army officer brought democracy to the largest Muslim nation in the world.

Read about the urban planner who generated $20 billion worth of investment for his state, and how a female teacher turned an entire Kingdom upside down.

In addition, we rediscover the well-known story of the Chicago community organizer, whose face is plastered on the t-shirts of privileged ivy leaguers and desperate minimum-wagers alike.


Technologists & Entrepreneurs

In the second post, we meet the business heroes embracing new marketplace frontiers.

Observe how a multi-billion dollar internet retailer is venturing into sub-orbital space tourism, and how a DJ-turned-venture-capitalist is leading the movement for open source knowledge.

See how an internet-addicted Alabaman called ‘Jimbo’ built the largest collection of knowledge ever assembled - and without paying anyone.

Read about the Zen-inspired geek who wrote a prominent new computer language, and discover how a little-known New Yorker is bridging the gap between non-technical types and hardcore programmers.


Artists & Entertainers

Our third post explores the waves of artists and entertainers whose works are idolized and push creative boundaries.

You will see how a Sri Lankan-born singer uses her natural talents to spread world sounds, and why the guy behind the score of Slumdog Millionaire is toted as the ‘Mozart of Madras’.

Two influential Venezuelans make the list: one has given new hope to thousands of children, and the other is one of those children who became the youngest ever conductor of one of the world’s most prestigious philharmonics.

Finally, you will be introduced to a blind musician who is shattering the boundaries of musical genres.


Icons & Activists

In our fourth post, we meet people who had a single idea - an idea that transformed  an otherwise ordinary career path into an iconic highway shaping the future in some way.

We delve into the story of a student activist who ended up representing the green collar workforce at the White House, and the remarkable  and inspiring wife of his boss.

We glimpse at the life of a Pakistani-born Englishman who worked for pirates, built a $2 billion publishing empire, and gave it away to focus on curating the world’s most influential conference.

Or how about the story of a high-flying banker who, after a trip to Africa, decided to dedicate her life to building an unconventional NGO focused astutely on capitalistic principles - and is thriving.

Finally, we examine the outlandish career of a man whose ‘inconvenient truth’ has  caused a sea-change in business thinking and attitudes to global warming.


Scientists & Thinkers

In our fifth and final post in this series, we look at the leading thinkers and scientists of our day, whose contributions extend beyond the classroom into the daily lives of real people.

Meet a sword-swallowing Swede whose statistical software is entertaining and educating millions of people about international health issues.

Find out how a transformational Harvard economist reduced Bolivia’s inflation from 20,000% to 11%, and meet the architect of the world’s most affordable laptop - and its a lot cheaper than you think - as well as the chef whose food is as much about taste and tradition as conservation and ethics.

Finally, we look at a familiar old face whose ideas on renewable energy 33 years ago are finally accepted wisdom and being implemented around the world today.

Or, if you would like to read about all of these heroes, click the link below to get started with Politicians and Leaders.

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EARLY CAREER: Gen Y, Graduates and Early Careerists

Guy has worked as a business journalist, urban planner, slow food chef, denim salesperson and digital media manager, and shares original insights on diverse Gen Y career experiences.

Guy holds a B. Urban Planning & Development (Hons), has worked in 5 different industries and knows what its like to face the challenge of graduate transition. New career choices, personal branding and balancing passions with money are all part of the mix.

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