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Scientists and thinkers

Scientists and thinkers

If you’re intelligent and want to use your brainpower for the greater good of the world, read about the influential lives of these prominent scientists and thinkers.

If you prefer thinking and learning - whether from the laboratory, classroom, hospital or office - these leading scientists and thinkers are probably for you. Computer scientists, engineers, statisticians, scientists, economists, mathematicians, professors, psychologists, surgeons, pharmacists, agriculturalists, biologists and nanotechnologists come under this category. If you’re intelligent and want to use your brainpower for the greater good, read about the influential lives of these prominent scientists and thinkers.

Helping Hans

Hans Rosling

Swedish Physician, Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institutet & Director of Gapminder Foundation


At the influential TED conference, Swedish health professor Hans Rosling dazzled audiences not by his sword-swallowing abilities, but rather with the software developed by his Gapminder Foundation. Rosling’s Trendalyzer (acquired by Google) showcases international statistics as moving, interactive and astounding graphics. These moving graphs showcase a race amongst nations to become the healthiest, longest-living, and most prosperous. Rosling founded Médecins Sans Frontières Sweden and lectures as Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institutet. His career includes living, studying and working in Bangalore and Mozambique, and he is recognized as a global authority on public health.


Setting the Millennium Agenda

Jeffrey Sachs

American Economist, Director of the Earth Institute & Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General

He has been named one of TIME’s ‘100 Most Influential People’, twice. If that isn't impressive, Jeffrey Sachs was a Harvard economics professor at age 29, the youngest economics professor in the history of Harvard. Early in his career, as economic advisor to the Bolivian government, Sachs’ plan reduced the nation’s inflation from 20,000% to 11%. He has since provided macroeconomic assistance to Poland and Russia, directed the UN Millennium Development Project and founded the Millennium Villages Project to end poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sachs is currently Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon and is Director of the Earth Institute at Colombia University.


Architect of the $100 Laptop

Nicholas Negroponte


American Architect and Computer Scientist, Founder of MIT Media Lab & One Laptop per Child

Perhaps the simplest, yet most powerful idea of our age is One Laptop per Child. Nicholas Negroponte’s brainchild, the XO-1 laptop is a far cry from the almighty MacBook, but costing under $200 and rapidly dropping with economies of scale, Negoponte’s non-profit foundation is revolutionizing educational opportunities in the developing world. Negroponte is a trained architect and computer scientist, and founded the MIT Media Lab in 1985. Negroponte was an early investor in Wired Magazine and Skype, and his investment in educating youth in the developing world may be his best investment yet.


Where Food Meets Ethics

Dan Barber

Organic Chef, Restauranteur & Owner of Blue Hill Restaurants

Much of the human experience revolves around food: What to eat and where to eat it have always been fashionably popular conversation topics. But now, ethics, passion and transformation have crept onto the plate, and Dan Barber is serving it up to the hungry masses. An organic chef, prolific restauranteur and owner of Blue Hill Restaurants, Barber is a model of someone leading a movement of chefs around the world who embrace local, authentic and appetizingly sustainable food.

Climbing the Rocky Mountain

Amory Lovins

Environmentalist & Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute


Four decades define environmental scientist Amory Lovins’ contributions to energy policy, natural resources, security, economics and sustainable development. Ten honorary doctorates attest to the achievements of his brainchild, the Rocky Mountain Institute, dedicated to sustainable and profitable innovations in renewable and efficient energy generation. Lovins had the answer to our energy woes over 33 years ago, and his ‘soft energy’ approach is being embraced by nations around the world dedicated to developing renewable and sustainable sources of energy.

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