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Technologists and entrepreneurs

Technologists and entrepreneurs

If you are passionate about a marketable product or service, see this section to begin considering jobs that will equip you to launch your venture.

If you are constantly dreaming of bringing your own product or service to the world, you may have the entrepreneurial drive it takes to succeed in the marketplace. Managers, salespeople, marketers, retailers, publishers, computer scientists, lawyers and accountants are prone to making the transition to their own business. Challenging jobs will be attractive for you, especially if you are learning skills relevant to your business idea. If you are passionate about a marketable product or service, see this section to begin considering jobs that will equip you to launch your venture.


Billionaires in Space

Jeff Bezos

Internet Entrepreneur, CEO of & Founder of Blue Origin

After building a $20 billion internet retailer, where to next? Judging by his latest venture, Bezos is headed for space. Sub-orbital spaceflight is the latest venture blasted from the fiery furnaces of Bezos’ imagination. Going head-to-head in the commercial sub-orbital tourism industry with Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson is the latest move in a career that has taken him from Princeton, to New York financial analyst, to internet entrepreneur to TIME Magazine’s 1999 Person of the Year, and now aerospace pioneer.

Jumping for Joi


Joi Ito

Japanese-American Venture Capitalist, DJ, Journalist, Open Source Activist & CEO of Creative Commons

Japanese-born, American-raised Joi Ito was working as a DJ in Chicago before opening a nightclub in the Roppongi district of Tokyo. Ito’s enterprising career includes founding internet companies including ISPNet Japan, Digital Garage and Infoseek Japan,  being on the boards of, Mozilla Foundation, ICANN, Open Source Initiative and an investor in Six Apart, Technorati, Flickr, and more. He is currently CEO of Creative Commons and lives in Dubai.


World Wide Wiki


Jimmy Wales

Internet Entrepreneur & Founder of Wikipedia

Hailin’ from Huntsville, Alabama, Jimmy Wales changed the world with his wiki-powered encyclopedia. Wikipedia is the world’s largest collection of knowledge, totalling over 14 million articles. Early in his career as a futures and options trader, Wales was addicted to the Internet and wrote code as a pastime. He went on to create the unsuccessful Bomis, a ‘guy-oriented search engine’, and instead focused on a project called Nupedia - the predecessor of Wikipedia today.

Benevolent Dictator for Life


Guido van Rossum

Dutch Computer Programmer, Font Designer & Author of  the Python Programming Language

Where Zen meets code is the Python programming language, developed by Dutch computer programmer Guido van Rossum. Python is the philosophical code-equivalent of a Buddhist monk’s prayer: emphasizing simplicity, clarity, beauty and purpose. Van Rossum is known as the ‘Benevolent Dictator for Life’ by Python followers, for his enlightened despot-approach to keeping Python safe. He currently works for Google and particularly enjoys designing fonts.


Lost In SquareSpace


Anthony Casalena

Internet Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Squarespace

Casalena is powering the future of the web for non-technical types. His little-known, web-based publishing platform, Squarespace, is the first of its kind to enable even the most un-savvy technology user to publish, build and maintain a professional multi-page website. Unable to find a way to elegantly publish his own personal website, this New-York based programmer is committed to redefining the publishing experience.



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EARLY CAREER: Gen Y, Graduates and Early Careerists

Guy has worked as a business journalist, urban planner, slow food chef, denim salesperson and digital media manager, and shares original insights on diverse Gen Y career experiences.

Guy holds a B. Urban Planning & Development (Hons), has worked in 5 different industries and knows what its like to face the challenge of graduate transition. New career choices, personal branding and balancing passions with money are all part of the mix.

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