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When industries collide

When industries collide

The quickest way to become an expert in your field is to invent a field that doesn't exist yet. Industries are colliding and new jobs are popping up everyday. Discover how these 5 individuals became the best at their game by re-inventing the game itself.

It can be hard to predict the future. More often than not, the future predicts you. Industries are colliding, and new jobs are being created everyday that require thought-leaders to fill them. Here we explore five success stories of individuals who were ahead of their game and carved out successful careers and businesses in the process. At the end, you are prompted to think: what industries do I have experience in, that I can naturally combine together and become an expert in?

Darren Rowse

Occupation: Professional Blogger

Industries Colliding: Media + Technology = Digital Media

Company: ProBlogger


Blogging as a profession may seem trendy and fanciful to some, but for Darren Rowse it was the logical next step in his career. In 2002, working part-time as a Minister and also for an online department store, Rowse was exploring the new blogging medium with, on the emerging Church movement in Australia. Determined to learn more about blogging and make a career out of it - Rowse founded ProBlogger, a blog dedicated to professional blogging, and Digital Photography School, a blog serving the online digital photography community. These two blogs get around 85,000-100,000 views a day and generate around $20,000 in ad revenues a month. In 2008, Rowse co-authored the book ‘ProBlogger: Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income (Wiley) and founded TwiTip - a blog dedicated to Twitter tips. Rowse is a professional blogging pioneer, and demonstrates the legitimacy of blogging as a career path.

Shanaka Fernando

Occupation: Slow Food Chef

Industries Colliding: Hospitality + Community Development = Slow Food

Company: Lentil As Anything


Feeding hungry people and supporting the local community are one and the same for Shanaka Fernando, a slow food chef and founder of the ‘pay as you feel’ restaurant chain, Lentil As Anything. Combining his passions for culture and community, Shanaka believed that running a restaurant by his own rules was the best way to further his cause. After studying theatre and choreography in his native Sri Lanka, studying law in Australia and traveling the world for three years, Shanaka was still unsure of his future. In search of some ‘spiritual recuperation’, he joined a Buddhist retreat south of Perth. However, the earthly distractions of a very attractive Buddhist nun ended that sojourn. Knowing he wanted to be involved in grassroots community building, Shanaka sunk his capital into the first Lentil As Anything restaurant, which does not charge prices. LAA is now renowned as a pioneering ‘slow food’ restaurant that blends culture and community with food, whilst providing employment for over 80 refugees in Melbourne.

Katie Patrick


Occupation: Eco Directory Publisher

Industries Colliding: Publishing + Sustainability = Eco Publishing

Company: Green Pages

Countless new jobs and careers are being blasted from the flowery furnaces of eco industries. Katie Patrick, a young project manager for commercial and residential construction projects, was looking for a way to align her career more along the lines of her environmental ideals. Sensing that ‘green’ was the new black, Katie decided to create an outlet for companies to promote their eco products and services. ‘The Green Pages’ (a spin on the traditional ‘Yellow Pages’ business listings service), came to fruition less than a year later, and Katie has found her calling in helping companies to promote their eco products and services. Combining her business savvy with passion for sustainability resulted in her finding a direction that lets her naturally express both attributes.

Martin Hosking

Occupation: Online Art Retailer

Industries Colliding: Art Retailing + Social Networking = Online Art Community

Company: RedBubble


Technology and the arts keep edging closer and closer, and the artist of tomorrow is wise to utilize the opportunities that technology offers for expressive outlets. One such outlet is RedBubble, co-founded by technology veteran and art aficionado Martin Hosking. RedBubble enables digital artists to list and promote their works online, and provides printing, production and shipping to customers on behalf of the artists. It is a model that works well, and Hosking is proud of his contribution to the online artistic community. Hosking began his career as a diplomat in Egypt and Syria before joining McKinsey and Company. In 1996 he joined the tremendously successful company LookSmart. Hosking became interested in why none of the mainstream social networks appealed to him, and the answer was that he wanted a site that would allow people to share, produce and sell their art. Now, hundreds of artists are earning a living selling their art online in marketplaces such as RedBubble. 



Nancy Bugeja

Occupation: Eco Designer

Industries Colliding: Design + Sustainability = Eco Design

Company: housemouse

The realms of design and sustainability are becoming increasingly intertwined, as designers innovate new solutions to an eco-sensitive marketplace. A prolific pioneer in sustainable design is Nancy Bugeja, co-founder of a leading Australian creative design firm, housemouse. In 1996, with partner Miguel Valenzuela, Bugeja established housemouse with “a Mac, a desk, 2 chairs and $30 in the bank”. The company has launched their own award-winning line of eco-friendly designer wrapping paper range, Wrapped by housemouse, and publishes Fluoro, a bi-annual magazine focused on design, environmental sustainability and pushing the boundaries of print. What Bugeja and Valenzuela have achieved with housemouse demonstrates the creative possibilities of merging passions - design and sustainability - whilst creating new jobs for like-minded eco designers.

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EARLY CAREER: Gen Y, Graduates and Early Careerists

Guy has worked as a business journalist, urban planner, slow food chef, denim salesperson and digital media manager, and shares original insights on diverse Gen Y career experiences.

Guy holds a B. Urban Planning & Development (Hons), has worked in 5 different industries and knows what its like to face the challenge of graduate transition. New career choices, personal branding and balancing passions with money are all part of the mix.

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