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When industries collide, part 2

When industries collide, part 2

In this second part we explore 5 more examples of industries colliding. From carbon traders to intellectual property lawyers to placemakers, discover which of your industries might be colliding - and how to benefit from it.

Peter Yates

Occupation: Carbon Trader

Industries: Finance + Ethical Investment = Carbon Trader

Company: Peony Capital


High-powered financiers and ethical investors have found common ground in the rise of carbon trading. For former private equity investor Peter Yates, the business of carbon trading is simple. He buys carbon credits in China, and sells them to the European Union. “I think this is a new area of development in the financial market”, he says. “China is the main source of pollution and not only does this mean we can help the world by reducing pollution, but it is actually a financial business.” Unlike the private equity space, which is overcrowded and probably past its zenith, the carbon trading environment is immature and offers new career opportunities for people with backgrounds in finance, who want to use their financial instruments to create a more sustainable future.

Shi Zhengrong

Occupation: Solar Scientist

Industries: Engineering + Renewable Energy = Solar Scientist

Company: Suntech Power


Not long ago, a little-known scientist studying in Sydney led a comfortable life: he had a good job that covered the mortgage, enjoyed studying solar science and led a relaxed lifestyle. Shi Zhengrong, the now famous solar tycoon, has become one of mainland China's wealthiest people. It all began with a New Years invite to celebrations at the Chinese embassy. Representatives of the Wuxi region offered him an opportunity to commercialize the solar technology he had developed in Australia. It was the opportunity he had hoped for, and Shi set to his dream of commercializing solar technology. He has been tremendously successful and is now known as the ‘Sun King’. But what drives him is not the wealth and notoriety, but the effect his hard work will have on the world’s environment, by providing affordable, renewable energy. “You are using your knowledge to create solar units that are good for the future, so you feel good, especially in the morning”, he says.

Trevor Choy

Occupation: Intellectual Property Lawyer


Industries: Law + Branding = Brand Protection

Company: Choy Lawyers

The natural intersection of law and branding is intellectual property law; it is the arena where brands come to duel. Trevor Choy is the only Australian lawyer who has previously worked as an Advertising Manager, and his unique experience supports his specialisation in brand protection law. Being able to understand both marketing and legal perspectives simultaneously enables Trevor to develop innovative solutions to legal problems from a branding perspective. Furthermore, Trevor is renowned as the leading authority on brand protection in the Asia-Pacific region. He is proof yet again that having depth of experience in diverse industries can open up exciting new and exciting jobs - and position you as a niche expert - when industries collide.

Megan Larsen

Occupation: Aromatherapist


Company: Sodashi

Industries: Healthcare + Luxury = Spa Therapy

Health is no longer perceived as treadmills, crash diets and obscure exercise routines. Health is luxury. With some clever branding, health is increasingly perceived to include spa treatments, aromatherapy and relaxation retreats. New Zealand-born Meg Larsen was creating 100% chemical free products well before she opened a natural healthcare centre in her early 30’s. Uncertain about luxury healthcare products, her fears were cast aside when inundated with requests for her homemade skin care products. By combining her knowledge of aromatherapy, biochemistry, Ayurveda and Transcendental Meditation, Megan was able to develop unique expertise in developing a range of sophisticated and luxurious skin products, called the Sodashi range. She is a renowned aromatherapist and spa therapist, merging the best aspects of healthcare, luxury and personal treatments.

Gilbert Rochecouste

Occupation: Placemaker


Industries: Retail planning + urban design = Placemaking

Company: Village Well

Shopping centres are being turned upside-down, or, more accurately, inside-out. Mauritian-born Gilbert Rochecourste was the Former head of Chadstone Shopping Centre - the largest indoor shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere - and after an inspiring swim with dolphins he quit his job to pursue a reconnection with traditional outdoor shopping strips: the art of placemaking. Soon after quitting, Rochecouste formed Village Well, an organisation that brings environmentally sound solutions to troubled shopping areas, and inject some cultural inspiration into the mix. Rochecouste and Village Well have become synonymous with ‘placemaking’ - the process of helping a shopping decide what its identity is, to create a sense of community, involve opinion leaders, draw crowds, and help businesses flourish. Rochecouste’s catalyst ideas have regenerated iconic places and enlivened many urban and regional communities.

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Guy has worked as a business journalist, urban planner, slow food chef, denim salesperson and digital media manager, and shares original insights on diverse Gen Y career experiences.

Guy holds a B. Urban Planning & Development (Hons), has worked in 5 different industries and knows what its like to face the challenge of graduate transition. New career choices, personal branding and balancing passions with money are all part of the mix.

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