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EARLY CAREER: Gen Y, Graduates and Early Careerists

Guy has worked as a business journalist, urban planner, slow food chef, denim salesperson and digital media manager, and shares original insights on diverse Gen Y career experiences.

Guy holds a B. Urban Planning & Development (Hons), has worked in 5 different industries and knows what its like to face the challenge of graduate transition. New career choices, personal branding and balancing passions with money are all part of the mix.

Ikigai, or 'Why I wake up in the morning'

According to the Japanese, everyone has a hidden ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. Such a search is regarded as very important, since it is believed that discovery of one’s ikigai brings satisfaction and meaning to life. Read more »

When industries collide, part 2

In this second part we explore 5 more examples of industries colliding. From carbon traders to intellectual property lawyers to placemakers, discover which of your industries might be colliding - and how to benefit from it. Read more »

When industries collide

The quickest way to become an expert in your field is to find a field that doesn't exist yet. Industries are colliding and new jobs are popping up everyday. Discover how these 5 individuals became the best at their game by re-inventing the game itself. Read more »

Sustaining your passion: why money matters

Money matters. Pretending it doesn’t is counterproductive to achieving your career goals. Sustaining your passion prevents the emotional pain and stress that can arise from ignoring financial reality. Not convinced? Read on. Read more »

Career branding for your next top job

Career branding is about positioning yourself as an industry expert online and offline, tailoring your message to recruiters, and promoting yourself consistently. Find out how career branding is changing the way companies are hiring. Read more »

A degree is not a life sentence

70% of graduates end up working in a different field to what they studied, and in a tough job market - that figure could be higher. In this article we explore the graduate experience of getting that first job - whatever it may be. Read more »

The personality-driven job search

Did you ever think to search for jobs that match your personality? The successful job search of the future will be oriented around matching your personality to the workplace. Discover why. Read more »

Welcome to the Knowledge Age

While young workers are in a good position to thrive in the information economy, knowing how to thrive using your skills and talents is the key question. Read more »

All skills are not created equal

Growing up digital has its benefits: new technologies means new skills are needed. Collaboration, communication and innovation skills are cherished in the digital workplace. Find out what skills are useful, and how to use them in your career. Read more »

The pick 'n' mix careerist

Twenty-somethings are exploring unconventional career paths by delaying adulthood in favour of life experiences, stumbling through a diversity of jobs, and treating their careers like a pick 'n' mix candy shop. Can this possibly be a good thing? Read more »

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