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For interview confidence know the interview questions and prepare your answers in advance. Use your online Career Tools to practice or rehearse with a friend.

Interview tips - during your interview

Interview tips - during your interview

Do you know how to behave during an interview?

Eye contact

Look at the interviewer when they are speaking to you, and when you are responding. This signals both your respect for the interviewer and your sincere interest in the role.

Body language

Sit comfortably, arms uncrossed and try to show your interest in the role by how you hold your posture. Consider sitting towards the front of your seat and lean slightly into the interviewer.

Poor posture can signal a lack of interest or attention in the interviewer and the role; not a good signal to send!

Sell yourself

Talk about your achievements relevant to the position. Have examples prepared: focus on how you increased revenue, decreased expenses, improved morale, etc. Be specific, support your claims with numerical estimates if possible, and describe how you achieved your goal, your methods, choice of actions etc.

Be positive

Try and maintain a positive disposition, especially where past employers are concerned. It is considered unprofessional to overly criticise past employers, no matter what the circumstances of your departure were. The interviewer may wonder whether you will be criticising them in some future interview with another employer.

Ask intelligent questions

Prepare questions and ask them at the appropriate time. This shows that you've put time and effort into considering the role which signals how interested you really are in the opportunity.

Don't be left flat-footed without any questions to ask. If you've seriously considered the role, you'll have more questions than time to ask them.

It is also a great way to give the interviewer an insight into how you think, how articulate you are, and what matters to you.

Stay alert and energetic

Be aware of your level of focus throughout the interview and aim to remain attentive at all times.

If you attend multiple interviews in the one day, make sure in each you give your best performance possible in every interview.

Don't be arrogant

Be confident but don't be arrogant. It is a fine line sometimes, but try not to cross it. Confidence signals belief in your abilities and self worth. Arrogance signals a disregard for the value of others.

Finish confidently

A direct approach is often the best. Ask the interviewer whether your skills meet their needs. If not, ask where this leaves you both, and whether this is scope for a second interview to clarify any unclear areas. If so, ask what the interview process is from here, such as how many additional interviews will be required, whether a case study or psychometric testing will be required etc.

Thank the interviewer for their time, shake hands and maintain eye contact, smile, and leave gracefully!

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