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How the world of work is changing

The world of working is changing constantly, with new careers and interesting opportunities becoming available. We are experiencing big trends and research indicates three important things we want as part of a better job. Read more »


Why Reference Checks are important

Most reference checks are the outcome of a telephone conversation by a recruiter, usually after interviews have been completed. This update provides three ways to maximise your opportunities. Read more »

When is the best time to call the recruiter?

Part of job search includes connecting with recruiters to discuss a specific role or to arrange a meeting. Recruiters spend most of their day interviewing applicants, so it is often difficult to get hold of them. So when is the best time to call them? Read more »

Understand your personal strengths

Understand your personal strengths and what you bring to your next employer, to enhance your job search process. Read more »

Know your destination and find your next role

You need a clear picture of your next role. Read more »

When it is time to make a career change - five reasons to move on to your next role

There is a right time for every thing. There is also a right time to make a successful career change. There are five important reasons to consider moving on to a new role. Read more »

The Future of Careers

There have been a lot of changes in organisations in recent years. As the landscape for business changed, it has also changed careers. In particular, there are three key drivers that have impacted significantly on jobs and careers. Read more »

Twitter and Your Job Search

You can find a job on Twitter. Recently someone in my network shared the story of how he found a job using Twitter. He started following recruiters. After contacting one of the recruiters he got an internship, which resulted in a great job offer! Read more »

Free e-book download: Job Search Secrets

Job search doesn't have to be difficult. It can be rewarding, landing you that great next job. This e-book guide is intended to short-circuit the arduous process of job hunting. Read more »

Growing your career in 2010

Undoubtedly this year has been difficult for most people. Next year will bring many new challenges. It would not be a surprise to see more employees looking for better opportunities. Read more »

How to analyse a job ad

The purpose of a job ad is to attract candidates to apply for job opportunities. In recent years, employers have posted more and more job ads to online job boards; a move away from more expensive newspaper advertising. Read more »

Finding a job in a difficult market

It is much harder now than in the good times to find that 'great job'. The rules of supply and demand can't be ignored; there are fewer jobs and more job seekers. You need new solutions in the current job landscape. Read more »

Job research checklist

Use this checklist to gather all the information you need to evaluate your target role! Don't assume anything. Make sure you understand the reality of your dream job. Read more »

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